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Doing business in Mozambique is now maningue easy! For those not in the know, this popular Mozambican term means “very” and is typically followed by “nice”. While many use it to describe the country, Mozambique is so much more than nice. Aside from its natural beauty, good weather and friendly people, it has extraordinary, virtually untapped potential for business growth and long-term success in a burgeoning economy.

MozBizLINK can help you expand or relocate your business to Mozambique. We have in-depth experience and knowledge of Mozambique from many years of operating transport and logistics services, and supplying goods to projects in even the most remote parts of the country.

Mozambique is doing everything right to ensure long-term prospects for the economy to grow and rapidly expand. We want to help others benefit from this tremendous potential.

We help every step of the way


Business solutions in Mozambique


MozBizLINK is a professional consulting agency, providing clients with reliable advice, specialised services and solutions. We help enable businesses to achieve success, to maximise profits, and to ultimately optimise their investment in Mozambique.

Currently, despite government policies geared towards encouraging foreign investors, there are challenges for businesses navigating complex regulatory processes. This requires advice and support, backed by in-depth experience of the protocols. Our extensive network of contacts, access to the government, and our broad knowledge as a result of years of personal experience makes us the preferred service provider for entrepreneurs and business owners.

For reasonably-priced service fees, our professional consultants will help you to establish your business ‒ and flourish. We have comprehensive knowledge of the various business sectors, and are well-placed to provide advice and support to help you manage your business and remain compliant with Mozambique legislation.

We speak the language, understand the unique business culture, and we have the right access, experience and knowledge. We guarantee success and peace of mind.

Why Mozambique?


Mozambique has achieved phenomenal economic progress in recent years and, in fact, boasts one of the highest growth rates on the African content. As an emerging country with a rapidly-growing economy, Mozambique offers exciting potential for investors.

The country is politically stable and, with a government that recognises that investment is crucial to further growth and development, its policies are geared towards welcoming foreign investors.

Yet Mozambique is still, to a great extent, a relatively-undiscovered jewel with massive untapped future potential. The country offers exceptional options in a variety of arenas, including mining, agriculture, transportation, tourism, and many others.

Mozambique ‒ the “land of smiles” ‒ is already widely-known for its tourism assets. The natural beauty, wildlife and historic heritage provides an abundance of opportunities for beach, cultural and eco-tourism. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors, already attracting significant foreign investment to the country’s economy.

Foreign investors and companies, from South Africa and further afield, are already waking up to the possibilities on offer in Mozambique. This, combined with further growth predictions, indicates that Mozambique has an extremely bright future ahead.

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