Agriculture in Mozambique

Mozambique offers a wide range of opportunities in the agricultural sector, thanks to its fertile soil, consistent water sources, high rainfall and a variety of agro-climatic zones.


Agriculture is the main pillar of the country’s economy, accounting for 40% of the Gross Domestic Product and 60% of export revenues, while involving almost 80% of the active population. It is estimated that half of the total area of 78.6 million hectares is arable land, yet only 10% is currently cultivated The largest, most accessible region of fertile lands in southern Africa, about 24 million uncultivated heacres, is proving to be a magnet for enterprising investors, particularly from South Africa and Zimbabwe. The remainder of the total area is under pasture and forest. About 118 000 hectares, or 3% of the available arable land is equipped for irrigation.

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Private or private-state joint venture farming is increasing,boosting the production of export crops such as sugar, citrus, copra, tea, cotton and sisal, particularly in the southern half of the country. The country’s most important cash crops are cotton, with Portuguese investors having built a cotton ginning factory in Zambezi province, cashew nuts, copra, tea and citrus fruits. In the northwestern province of Niassa, with Malawi across the border, is seeing rapid expansion of tobacco growing and curing. The most important livestock in terms of household consumption are chickens, while goats, ducks, pigs, and sheep are also produced, along with some beef in the southern part of the country.

Sugar is also an important source of wealth. It is the country’s largest employer and a key growth engine, thanks to ideal growing conditions that results in exceptional crop quality. The South African sugar giant Illovo has taken over one of Mozambique’s biggest sugar factories at Marragra, north of the capital Maputo.

Road and rail infrastructure ensures good connections between all farming areas and cities, ports and airports, facilitating export opportunities.


The Mozambican government has made substantial progress in restoring economic growth, achieving some of the highest growth rates of any sub-Saharan country. Its 12% growth rate makes it the best-performing economy on the African continent.


Now at peace, with strong markets for food and other commodities in five neighboring countries, Mozambique has the potential to become a leading African economy. 


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