Invest in property in Mozambique​

We hold the key to your Mozambique dream. Let us help you find the perfect property, whether it’s a holiday home, smallholding, or residential, commercial or retail space.

A variety of viable investments​

MozProps is the authority on available properties in Mozambique. With over 35 years of combined experience in the business, we offer a wide variety of property listings as well as professional advice and guided business tours to Mozambique. Whatever your needs, we have a property for you, whether it’s commercial or residential, a smallholding or holiday home.

Below you’ll find a small selection of the properties we have on offer. 

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$180 000
  • 4646 sqm
  • 7 beds
  • 6 baths


Starting at $495 000


$1.43 m
  • 4 beds
  • 4.5 baths


Starting from $125 000
  • From 7600Ha

Commercial and investment

Given the country’s positive safety profile, booming economy and laid-back lifestyle, it’s no surprise that real estate in Mozambique is becoming a hot topic among property investors and developers. Mozambique offers significant opportunities for businesses to launch, relocate or expand in the country. With decades of experience, we are well positioned and experienced to assist with investment opportunities or help you make the move.Take a tour with us on Google Earth, for a bird’s eye view of what you are currently missing out on.

Farms and smallholdings

Mozambique offers an abundance of opportunities in the agricultural sector. South African farmers, for example, might not realise the ease with which they could potentially expand into the country. MozProps can facilitate the entire process every step of the way, from helping investors access properties and development opportunities, to signing on the dotted line. Mozambique has a rapidly-growing economy, and a reputation as a safe and secure destination offering a tranquil lifestyle.

Residential and holiday​

While many people know Mozambique as an idyllic gem of a holiday destination, it’s a lesser-known fact that the country boasts a treasure trove of property investment opportunities. Countless South Africans, and other international visitors, flock to the country’s beach and island destinations annually. What’s less commonly known, however, is that Mozambique offers excellent opportunities for local and international investors seeking to expand their property portfolios. More than just an investment opportunity, Mozambique is a safe haven for families looking for a relaxed lifestyle in a beautiful location.

Showcase: BIVE​

Our luxury estate on the Bazaruto Archipelago is now in its final stages of development and waiting for you to discover how easy it is to access a full-time island lifestyle. Bazaruto Island View Estate is a premium 42-hectare development encompassing a combined hotel, business and residential resort with private residences, beach lodges, a marina, business centre and more. While it is located near enough to the bustling town of Vilanculos to access its range of amenities, the development feels far removed from city life. Enjoy pristine coastline and a national marine park, which is home to rare and beautiful sea life.

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